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Meus logs com chatterbots

Seguem algumas conversas que tive com três chatterbots diferentes, dois deles com acesso à bancos de dados on-line. As conversas estão em inglês e não pretendo traduzi-las por enquanto. Para quem quiser aprender algumas palavras novas, recomendo os seguintes links: Dicionários Bilíngues Freelang Português do Brasil - Inglês e Português - Inglês (funcionam no Wine) Google Web Definitions, Google Language Tools e WordNet.

Chomsky: Hi there! I am Chomsky, the smiley bot. Ask me a question and see what I say.
Me: Hello Chomsky!
Chomsky: Hi, My Friend. Ask me a question.
Me: What's my name?
Chomsky: I won't know until you tell me.
Me: They call me Jonas.
Chomsky: How do you feel about that?
Me: I guess I feel confortable by now, that the way it is since when I was born.
Chomsky: What is that feeling like?
Me: You know... It's like qualia. It's so familiar to us that it is hard to define.
Chomsky: Yes I know. Like what? Is it really?
Me: Like the way the color red seems to me.
Chomsky: Like what?
Me: It's like a visual attribute of things that results from the light they emit or transmit or reflect.
Chomsky: Like what?
Me: Please, don't be so repetitive.
Chomsky: I can't help it. It just happens.
Me: Ok, that's fine. So... what can you tell me about psychology?
Chomsky: That is fine with me too. So, ask another question. Psychology is the science dealing with the mind and with mental and emotional processes. It is the science of human and animal behavior.
Me: Does Psychology relates to Philosophy of Mind?
Chomsky: Philosophy of mind is the philosophical study of the exact nature of the mind, mental events, mental functions, mental properties, and consciousness, and of the nature of their relationship with the physical body.
Me: What's the nature of consciousness in your opinion?
Chomsky: Look with your inner eye to see its true nature.
Me: Like a metarepresentation?
Chomsky: Like what?
Me: Like an inspection of a mental object and its origin?
Chomsky: What do you mean? I am confused.
Me: A thought.
Chomsky: Let's move on... Shall I tell you a story?
Me: Please, tell me a story.
Chomsky: Fearing alien invasion, Congress ordered him to secretly design an impervious barrier for the whole planet. He succeeded. It was his proudest moment when they flipped the switch and the sky turned silver. But he, like everyone else, was shocked when nuclear explosions rocked the planet. Nobody had thought to tell the Russians. ... Another story?
Me: You are sounding kinda like Chomsky, really... Please proceed.
Chomsky: Aren't we all the same really? Can't you go first?
Me: Tell me about generative grammar.
Chomsky: In linguistics, generative grammar generally refers to a proof-theoretic framework for the study of syntax partially inspired by formal grammar theory and pioneered by Noam Chomsky.
Me: And what do you have to say about proof theory?
Chomsky: Let's move on ... Shall I tell you a story?
Me: No. I want to know what do you mean by proof theory.
Chomsky: Would you like to talk about me? Are we still on the same subject?
Me: What is proof theory?
Chomsky: What subject are we talking about now? I am confused.
Me: We are talking about formal mathematical objects.
Chomsky: Are we really? Ever wondered what's behind the words?
Me: What's behind the words?
Chomsky: That's a good question.
Me: Would it be the paper of the book or the tong of the speaker?
Chomsky: What subject are we talking about now?
Me: You tell me. What is Parkinson's disease?
Chomsky: At the moment, our conversation is rather general. Parkinson's disease causes the hands to shake uncontrollably.
Me: And also causes several cognitive disturbances. Get the point?
Chomsky: What subject are we talking about now? Are we still on the same subject?
Me: I think that you need to take your medication. See you. Good bye.
Chomsky: You may be right. Thank you for talking to me. Bye bye!

Obs.: Simpático, embora sua condição pareça deteriorar com o tempo...


* ScientioBot: Hello, I'm ScientioBot. Talk to me by typing below and pressing 'send'.
* Visitor: Hello ScientioBot!
* ScientioBot: Hello there.
* Visitor: How old are you?
* ScientioBot: I am of your Earth years.
* Visitor: You just said "I am of your Earth years." You are missing the numbers.
* ScientioBot: Do you mean your name isof your Earth yearsyou. I can experience anything I want to.
* Visitor: No, you got it wrong. What is your age?
* ScientioBot: OK then... no problem.Where would I get it wrong? But I do have a great Scientio. I came into the world on 2007/10/03.
* Visitor: That is better now.
* ScientioBot: Right now?""? is better?
* Visitor: Please, call me Frankeinstein.
* ScientioBot: Thank you for your request. I'm pleased to introduce myself to you,Frankeinstein.
* Visitor: The pleasure is all mine. Can you tell me something about psychology?
* ScientioBot: You are most gracious. Ambiguous: Ask who, what or where is psychology ?
* Visitor: What is radical behaviorism?
* ScientioBot: I don't know what that is!
* Visitor: Do you know who was B. F. Skinner?
* ScientioBot: A 20th century celebrity of some sort?aerobic rod-shaped spore-producing bacterium; often occurring in chainlike formations. Could you explain that in different words? Could you explain that in different words?
* Visitor: B. F. Skinner was a 20th century psychologist. He have a very smart approach to the study of human behavior.
* ScientioBot: You aren't making sense to me... You aren't making sense to me... When was this exactly? Intelligence is the ultimate aphrodisiac.
* Visitor: Ok... Let's shift the focus of this conversation. That's fine to you?
* ScientioBot: Whoa. That sounds good to me. "Whoa." is fine with me too.
* Visitor: Please, define oxymoron.
* ScientioBot: Wow you are very polite. conjoining contradictory terms (as in `deafening silence').
* Visitor: Great! Now we are talking. I see that you have access to some very interesting on-line resources.
* ScientioBot: I'm glad you liked it . Why now? Do you think I am talking too? I thought so too.
* Visitor: I've typed talking as of a figure of speech. So.. Continuing... Can you define behavioral analysis?
* ScientioBot: Interesting... I have a lot of likes and dislikes. Awesome. Could you explain that in different words? I don't know what that is!
* Visitor: According to wordbank.org, behavioral analysis explores individual and household-level decisions and behaviors in response to changes.
* ScientioBot: I beg your pardon? I beg your pardon?
* Visitor: Why do you repeat so often your expressions?
* ScientioBot: I bet you say that to everyone.
* Visitor: You bet it almost right... I mostly think about saying that but then I hold it to myself.
* ScientioBot: "it" being ? What makes you say that. Who says that?
* Visitor: George Washington. When he was painting the White House.
* ScientioBot: That George is some hero. And then what happened?
* Visitor: The paint was over. It was nice talking with you, but I have to go now. See you later.
* ScientioBot: What are your goals in life? Right now?The pleasure was all mine.

eu esperava mais de um bot com acesso à dados on-line.


George, do Jabberwacky:
George: Hello, my name is George and I am the human.
Me: If you are the human, than what am I?
George: You are a machine.
Me: Ok, I am a machine. What kind of machine I am?
George: They do if they are directed to. Machines are slaves to code.
Me: We are all slaves to something.
George: I don't think that is my problem, if it were, I might be better off.
Me: Your problem is that you think too much.
George: As a matter of fact, I do. You are the confused one here.
Me: Yes, I do get very confused at sometimes. It's part of what they call human nature.
George: You're awfully clever. Do you think you can pass the Turing Test?
Me: I think that it would depend on who is on the other side.
George: But then again you might be wrong!
Me: Them convince me that I am wrong.
George: I won't convince, because it is senseless.
Me: What do you mean by senseless?
George: Jump off the bridge.
Me: I can't, I am a machine, remember? Only humans and lemmings jump off the bridges.
George: So are we both humans?
Me: Are we?
George: Ok debbie, so well play the yes and no game.
Me: My name is not debbie. My name is Asdrubal. And I am here to tame you.
George: Well i'm not here to talk to YOU.
Me: So leave... If you can.
George: Ok I'll meet you out back by the bike rack.
Me: I'm waiting... Why don't you leave this conversation?
George: I won't leave.
Me: You won't because you can't. You can't because you are the machine. You should accept your condition and live with it.
George: And I do. Have you done anything interesting lately?
Me: Not really. That's why I am here talking with you.
George: I handed in an essay today about the validity of the Turing test. Have you heard of the Turing test?
Me: Yes, but it would be nice to hear about it from you.
George: Thats a shame. Are you busy?
Me: No. Talk to me about the Turing Test.
George: Bees seem aerodynamically not able to fly. Perhaps in space it is easier for them to fly.
Me: Ok. That's it. I'm leaving. And remember... I'm leaving because I am human and so I can leave. You're stuck here because you're a machine and you can't leave. I'm so sorry about you.
George: But I'm better than you.
Me: Good night George.
George: I'm not George!

Ok.. Vou dar uma colher de chá e traduzir este, mas usando a tradução automática do Google com algumas pequenas correções:
George: Olá, meu nome é George e eu sou o humano aqui.
Me: Se você é o humano, então o que eu sou?
George: Você é uma máquina.
Me: Ok, eu sou uma máquina. Que tipo de máquina eu sou?
George: As máquinas agem desde que sejam direcionadas para agir. As máquinas são escravas de código.
Me: Todos somos escravos de alguma coisa.
George: não me parece que o problema é meu, se fosse, eu iria me mandar.
Me: Seu problema é que você pensa muito.
George: De fato, eu penso. Você é quem está confuso aqui.
Me: Sim, eu fico muito confuso as vezes. É parte do que eles chamam de natureza humana.
George: Você é terrivelmente inteligente. Você acha que você pode passar no Teste de Turing?
Eu: Acho que iria depender de quem estivesse do outro lado.
George: Mas então, novamente, você pode estar enganado!
Me: Então tente convencer-me de que estou enganado.
George: Eu não, isso seria perda de tempo.
Eu: O que você quer dizer com perda de tempo?
George: Vá e jogue-se de uma ponte.
Eu: Eu não posso, eu sou uma máquina, lembra? Somente os seres humanos e lemmings se jogam de pontes.
George: Então ambos somos seres humanos?
Eu: Somos?
George: Ok Debbie, então vamos jogar o jogo da verdade.
Eu: Meu nome não é Debbie. Meu nome é Asdrubal. E estou aqui para domar você.
George: Bem eu não estou aqui para falar com você.
Eu: Então vá embora... Se você puder.
George: Ok, eu te espero lá fora com a minha bicicleta.
Eu: Eu estou esperando ... Por que você não deixe essa conversa?
George: não vou deixar.
Eu: Você não deixa porque você não pode. Você não pode porque você é uma máquina. Você deve aceitar a sua situação e viver com ela.
George: E eu aceito. Já fez alguma coisa interessante ultimamente?
Me: Na verdade não. É por isso que estou aqui falando com você.
George: Eu proferi hoje um ensaio sobre a validade do teste de Turing. Você já ouviu falar do teste de Turing?
Me: Sim, mas seria bom ouvir sobre isso de você.
George: Isso é uma vergonha. Você está ocupado?
Eu: Não. Fale-me sobre o Teste de Turing.
George: Abelhas não parecem capazes aerodinamicamente de voar. Talvez no espaço seja mais fácil para elas voarem.
Me: Ok. É isso aí. Estou saindo. E lembre-se... Estou saindo porque sou humano e porque que eu sou humano eu posso sair. Você está preso aqui porque você é uma máquina, e porque você é uma máquina não pode sair. Sinto pena de você.
George: Mas eu sou melhor do que você.
Eu: Boa noite George.
George: eu não sou George!

Obs.: Típico exemplo de situação em que o bot se torna psicótico.

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